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O.Øverland AS is a company with 9 highly skilled employees. We are situated in Molde on the west coast of Norway. For over 65 years we have delivered complete navigation and communication systems to all kind of vessels.
In 2011 our turnover was approximately NOK 36 millions.

The company was established in 1947, and since then we have equipped hundreds of different types of trawlers, supplyvessels, thugboats and ferries.
Our largest customers the latest years are STX Norway Offshore AS (Langsten/Søviknes/Brattvaag/Aukra/Promar), Aas, Solstrand and a lot of other yards.
We deliver equipment from all the main suppliers of marine electronics, i.e. Furuno, Thrane & Thrane and Anschutz.


Central Monitor Dimmer UPC6000 Monitor Dimmer
Central dimming of all Hatteland industrial monitors. This dimmer can adjust up to 13 monitors, but can be expanded to include as many monitors as desirable. You can also assemble as many control panels as you wish. The dimmer panel has a weak background light.
The dimmer increases or decreases the light without increments (fine step), from zero to full brightness.
The maximum brightness is determined by the local dimmer on each monitor. This makes it possible to adjust the brightness on each monitor individually. Push both buttons on the control panel simultaneously, and all screens are set at 100 % brightness (full light depends on the local dimmer setting).

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